Professional Development

As we talk about professional development, you should look into updating your technical proficiency since most professional development includes technology for the class room. I recommend these resources for your own development: edutopia pbs educators google educators This is no exhaustive resource.  Will you please share resources as you come across them? The state of […]

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Winter Quarter Video Requirement

Included with this post is the updated video permission form.  I added the note below so that parents will feel more comfortable with the purpose of the video assessment component.Videotape Consent Form Here are the requirements: Tape 10 minutes of your direct instruction.  This video will be helpful for you to see how you are […]

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5.11 bPortfolio Standardization

bPortfolio Set up Checklist (Dr. Kline forwarded this e-mail and this should look a lot like what you have already been blogging about) Creating Tags and Posts (blip tv video created by Dr. Wicks) SPU Cert Blog information Items required in your Blog (tag clouds, categories, pages) (blip tv video created by Dr. Wicks) SPU’s […]

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Boundaries 4.20

“Happy Birthday Hitler” one of my student’s said as he walked into the classroom. As a person  I would like to throttle this student and yet as a professional I know this is not in my best interest. 4.20 brings to mind all sorts of things that are all connected with this day. 15 years […]

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