Northeastern Research

It is a privilege to get to practice at Tesla STEM High School and do research at the same place with students and former students. For adult alumni, you have been directed to this website. Will you complete the survey below? (please see the unsigned consent before completing) If you feel able to participate in […]

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STEMReach grants

For years we have hosted a community based outreach program. Students volunteer to lead programs and we have hosted middle school programming workshops for girls, maker events, and even some challenge activities for elementary school students. My high school student leaders would deliver the content and attendees would experience the inspiring, relevant programming instructions by […]

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Guest Blogger: Anne Lee

Anne Lee wrote the post below before she knew her team’s work would be featured on HuffingtonPost: “We can’t vote, but we can have an impact”, 2/22/17 She has a sincere desire to improve the world in which she lives.  These are her words: ******* A polar bear cub. Stranded on an Arctic raft of […]

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