#inclusion in PowerPoint

party parent presenter icons
new inclusive icons

PowerPoint is adapting and including and I appreciate it. If you have not upgraded to Office 2016, there are some new inclusive features.   I have been inspired this week after listening to Kat Holmes on MarketPlace and the launch of her new book: Mismatch: https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/mismatch.   The cover is decidedly high contrast and her presentation for Geekwire is also simple and deliberately accessible. https://www.geekwire.com/2018/watch-kat-holmes-talks-mismatched-interactions-inclusive-design-geekwire-summit/

I mention this because #inclusion needs new designers who will see how we can improve life for all users. PowerPoint is making strides (some of these things are not new, but should be highlighted) . First, Insert_iconsyou can add updated icons.  I like this because if we look to present more inclusively, some of those dated, hard to see and distracting images can be replaced with these icons.  I am increasingly aware that using a simple white background and black text is also inclusive of all people.  If you are like me, staring at screens, or needing new prescriptive lenses means I can make out more text with high contrast from anywhere in the room.  

Second, there are some fantastic features with Translator, Translate Slides and Translate presentation all built into PowerPoint for Office 2016. Imagine being able to present to Brazilians and having real time translations for your audience in Portuguese!   You can also have slides translated for other language speakers and provide them for your next presentation.  


Finally, two last features to highlight: Immersive Reader where the text can be read out loud to you, text highlighted during the reading and broken down into syllables.  And the final tool for inclusion: check accessibility as a way to do a final run through of your presentation.    All of these features can now enhance what you want to say to others so that you have an #inclusive audience.   Have a look at Office 2016 and these features:  use the tools to make your audience even larger and your words heard.  A student shared this commercial with me and I enjoy spreading this message to all: h

“When everybody plays, we all win”


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