Grant Tips

Lana Bellew’s 6 Tips for Successful Grant Writing Steer clear of grants that are not a good match for your school or district. Take the time to learn about available grants, and then figure out how to match them up to your school’s needs. Look online for past winners, and compare and contrast those recipients […]

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Final Post

 Please look over the screen shot from the syllabus.  New information is added in red.  If you are ready for Dr. H and I to check you off the list, please send us each an e-mail with your blog site (again).

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Lab experience: 4:30-5:00 Google Earth 5:00-5:30 Activ Resources for the elementary classroom 5:30-6:00 Creating questions using Activ resources Check e-mail messages for map.

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Category Clouds and Pages

I am including a visual of what should appear on your page.  I have added the image of my dashboard for a visual.   Remember, of paramount importance is that someone can find information you have worked so hard on.  So if you think you have provided the information one way, try another way; you are […]

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