Gaming like real life Ted Talk

Educators have a strange road ahead of us when we do not experience the same world that our students do. Their level of immersion is hard to understand because I am not a native gamer. Michael Highland’s excerpt was interesting as well because of the quality of the video as well as the content. One […]

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Bring the game to me!!

Choice is a really big idea to add to any classroom.  Differentiation is the term that is kicked around a lot but the idea is that projects can be completed in a variety of ways. I often provide too many options so there are so many projects going on at the same time, my class […]

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Quest basics

  This diagram is taken from Chris Haskell’s 2012 research.  The idea is that there is a lot that goes into making an interesting quest for students (learners).  I would also add that in order to sustain effort, the quests need have variety.  For some of the quests that I have completed there have been […]

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