Photoshop CS2 is a powerhouse in the computer lab.  You can have beginners use this software in a two week unit (like with Computer Applications) or for a full semester course (Digital Photography)

Successful projects for beginners:

  • Using brushes, making comics, filter applications
  • using digital cameras (I focus on camera settings like macro and action shots)
  • using gradients and masks

Advanced projects:

  • completing the same projects above
  • comic strips (can be adjusted for learners and use Word tables instead of a layout in Photoshop)
  • working with yearbook software and taking photos

I recommend getting a VoiceThread account for students to comment on their work and each others.   The first image below I had students send me their comics and I loaded them to Voicethread.  Students went back later and added comments to their photos like techniques they used to create the comic look.

The second photo is a thumbnail view of comic strips that were added to Voice Thread as well.  This time I juried the comments they would post on each others’ comics,

student created comics
student created comics

thumbnail view of several student comic strips

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