Winter Quarter Video Requirement

Included with this post is the updated video permission form.  I added the note below so that parents will feel more comfortable with the purpose of the video assessment component.Videotape Consent Form

Here are the requirements:

Tape 10 minutes of your direct instruction. 

This video will be helpful for you to see how you are providing instructions to a group and checking for their understanding of your instructions.

  • (If possible) have the videographer show student response to your instructions.
  • Have students write down their understanding of the information you provided.  
  • The last two weeks in February we will reserve for feedback sessions on these taped instructions. Our small cohort will then dialogue about the video and provide helpful feedback on the section.   We can all learn technology tips and tools for continual professional development.

    Will you respond to this link this week, either with a question or some helpful feedback?

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