MinecraftED by students

Tesla STEM High School and Darrington Middle School have started something mutually beneficial.  We are partnering together to create more opportunities for mentoring and delivering effective training and future planning.

High school students from our high school traveled to Darrington Middle School students and broke into teams to teach coding applications, and provide a community focus for a Minecraft world.  There were also teams that established a benchmark for water quality at the Sauk River and two other teams worked with environmental game based learning and a contest for students to design a future city.

I have to emphasize the fact that this was not just about our older students delivering training to younger students but everyone learned so much from the experience.  We saw all of our students rise to gain something from working collaboratively.    I knew I would glean something from the day but I 2015-12-15_21.14.42was really struck by how motivated my students were to continue the work they started and have generate ideas for improving their delivery next time.

There will be a next time:  we are going to continue each of the activities with some advanced applications.  I am most excited about the Minecraft opportunity because it is a personal goal of mine to see more students re-imagining their world and improving their future.  Darrington students worked together to create a vision 2015-12-15_21.18.08for the logging community’s center.   Below is one vision.  We have plans to connect again in the new year and even 3D print some buildings imagined in Minecraft and make the middle school student ideas tangible.

What will the student teams dream up?  I don’t know and personally I enjoy sitting back  and letting my students dream of how they can further develop this partnership.

None of these future dreams though would be possible if people like Mike Town, Arny Leslie, Oak Rankin, Superintendent Buck Marsh , Principal Tracy Franke, and middle school staff of Darrington Middle School including Melissa Cumming, Shawna Brown, Chuck Quantrille, and Cam Ross did not come together and provide months of planning and flexible scheduling so that this opportunity could work.

I know this is  just one step, I am spurred on to keep collaborating because there are students urging more of these opportunities.


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