Drop Down Menu for Rubrics

I consider myself an evangelist when it comes to Excel.  I love it when teaching students the application and  they get excited about the charts they create. I was making bedazzling charts long before infographics. That being said, after all this time, I have finally started creating drop-down lists in Excel.  I love the functionality of having only allowable choices in a spreadsheet.

So here is where it gets even better:  I created a drop down list for a rubric so that I could assess student work as I checked through the project. I also added a formula to add those totals up.  I am finally paper-free since I am not printing out rubric sheets and marking the boxes as I grade.

data validation

Grading made easy.

Here are well written instructions for creating

your drop-down list:



The source is the image above are the cells where the values are added,…in this case Column A1-A3.

Below is the spreadsheet with running totals.


If you wanted to take this rubric further, you could share a spreadsheet without totals and let students assess their own work.



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