Collaborating and Building a Better Beast

My first love has always been teaching students to be better humans.  We create projects to be inclusive and we actively seek ways to bring more voices to the table; I am passionate when underrepresented people become part of the landscape of STEM jobs.

My second love is working with people and making something I am proud of.  I completed a certificate from the University of Washington in Game Design with the goal of bringing gaming and education into the classroom.  Through the program, I joined a collective team that has become an intellectual property management team.  We are two graphic artists, an author, a small business owner and an educator: CreativeJuggernaut. We Skype weekly and share our projects and discuss new ventures as well as ideas to bring to market as role playing games, card games, novels, and apps.

Proudly, our first product to hit the market is timely, well designed, and truly a team

Our work centers on meeting virtually every week to share

effort.  Creative Juggernaut has published a card game for Election 2016.  This does not have to be a drinking game but it does beg to be played while watching the debates as a community, a family. The game features original art by one of our graphic artists and game mechanics and card labels developed by the team.  The project was also developed by a team with enough diversity that we allow for all voices in this debate.  Our team even has disparate political stances but we collaborated to make this project to provide something for everyone.

We are excited about this effort and proud that this will be the first of a few different projects to come to fruition in the new future.   I can only speak for myself but this creative outlet is invigorating and challenging and inspiring.

Please download the cards and play with friends and family Sunday night.

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